The Library - A wealth of knowledge at the fingertips of the Players

- All ideas and contributions are courtesy of Me (Fyre), TheClassySkele and Gasher.

The Library, a wealth of knowledge at the fingertips of the Players, courtesy of the Players.

Currently, the Tutorial is somewhat lackluster… Ok, that’s an understatement, the Tutorial is pretty bad… The main complaints are that when players join the Servers for the first time, they have no idea where anything is, how to use anything, where to gather materials, etc.
Usually, I will either help them on the spot or direct them to the Wiki, neither of which are perfect solutions to their issues.
A solution to this which not only fits from a Lore and Role Playing perspective, but also acts as a concise and easy way to give out this knowledge would be an in game Library.

Currently, almost all of the information and work is done for the Library, it all just needs implementing. We have all the wealth of the Wiki, as well as all the pre-existing diagrams, Glyphs and information in the existing books scattered around.

Of course, creating all of these books in a concise and easy to understand way will be a challenge for just the devs alone, thus, I suggest that the support of the already active Wiki Editors should be requested. Wiki Editors can write each individual page, styling them and adding in the pre-existing Glyphs. Then, the Devs can authorize the publishing on the books, and they will be added in game. If necessary, Wiki Editors can enlist the help of non-Wiki editors to pitch in ideas and to help them out.

Now, we come to how many books are required, (all of which may be susceptible to change):

Food and Cooking
Advanced Crafting
The Mines
The Forest
Skills and Shrines.

Each of these books will contain materials, tools, technique, locations, etc… Basically converting the Wiki pages into physical pages.

If you’re interested in this topic, make sure to check out Filling the world with books, another great idea.

Good idea, got my vote.

Hopefully creatures get enough detail that both a general fauna book and more detailed ones would work.

Not sure if “The Forest” refers to what we have no and cutting trees and such or the forest coming out, but I’ll add some categories that will most likely be added with the updates (so not so relevant now, but will be later).

House building/plot buying
Magic (most likely for each type)

Also some that would work right now:

General town guide (where everything is)

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I mentioned a library in my post about printing and books, nice to see a dedicated post for it.

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This one is more about letting players learn more complex stuff they might not have learned in the tutorial, but yeah it would fit well with normal books too, like having the strictly informative (of game play concepts) books be mostly there at the start of a wipe and other ones need to be found like the pages or moulds, could lead to situations where a player just might not find the book and that forcing them to learn that one thing from players, instead of all of it from books.

Wow some pretty intelligent people must have come up with this idea. Thanks for the votes guys.

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it would be great to make the books that teach you about stuff all scattered around the world of township and you would need to collect them and bring them to the library to learn