The possibility to create quests

The possibility to create your on quests for the server.

Core concept
The possibility to create quests with rewards and lock up more quests. Then the server admin could create story based servers where you go on quests and get awesome rewards. It could also be an introduction to the server, like go through this steps before anything else and get your starter pack.

Personal twist (optional)
It is no limit what you could create with this function.

This would be cool, but I think the quests should award “Medals” that show up above the player’s head, or the ability to craft an item (Pages) because players would exploit the quest system and set it up to be something like “Breathe one time to get 5000 valian in your mailbox!” and ruin the flow of the game.

That’s true. But because if only the server admin can create these quests they would destroy their own servers.
Can’t they already spawn items if they wish? If that’s the case I don’t see the difference.

Yes, but some players might want to play the original way instead of constantly being bombarded with free items.

Depending on what ‘meta’ means, quests are already listed on the Trello.

’Meta’ (me-duh)

  1. Transcending, or going above and beyond.
  2. Over Comprehensive
    “It’s kind of meta that they made a discord server into a video game”

So in other words, custom quests, so this is already on the roadmap.

Sweet. I haven’t checked the Trello for a while.

I think the person creating the quest has to fork the reward, like collect XXX amount of xxxxxxx ore and the reward is 2500 coins. The user posting the quest has to have 2500 for the reward.