The Televator is a conceptually pointless feature

Because teleport potions exist, the purpose of televators are essentially worthless. It requires fuel from both ends, which is a massive inconvenience to the player, as they have to not only dig up the necessary amount of crystals to go up, but double their output just to go back down. This is all assuming that, there aren’t other players that will be using that Televator as well. If I went down to floor 60, and I want to go up, I would not only have to dig up the 30 crystals just to go back up, but another 60 crystals just to go back down. Meanwhile, I can conveniently chug a teleport potion and waive the 30 crystals to go back up in the first place, but then I’d still need 60 crystals to go back down.

It simply isn’t worth the time, effort, or the backpack space required to efficiently use the Televator. I think the feature should be looked at and reworked a bit more so that it’s a bit more convenient on the single player as opposed to a community project.

So you’re saying it’s more efficient to go down 60 floors then to put in 60 crystals? Same question for going all the way back up if you don’t have a potion instead of mining half the levels in crystals?

True I think it is troublesome that others can use an and all crystals you supply, but it isn’t less efficient for going down as it’s quicker to acquire a crystal shard than it is to travel a whole level in the mines.

Hopefully they add onto it so there are other ways to power it such as a crystal artifact that can be used once every in game day and can go to any televator spot that is active (or only ones the player has been to personally)


In my opinion, yes. It is more efficient to go down 60 floors manually than to prep both sides of the televator while maintaining that it will still be useable when you get back. If you’re at least floor 20 or below, then everything that can be found within the mines, will be found starting at floor 20 and below. If you’re at floor 60, then you would simply have an abundance of the more rare materials.

I think the main problem stems from not many people using the televator in the first place, and that results from the televator not having any fuel whatsoever, but I think the problem should be invesigated as to why the televator isn’t being used. Part of it could be the vague instruction for its use (AFAIK there’s no book on it), as well as the lack of appeal to use it. Why make an attempt to fill up the televator when I can save that backpack dock for ores and just speedrun straight down to floor 20 and start mining away, using a teleport potion (which are also found occasionally in the mines as well) to exit?

Could this be a teleport potion accessibility problem? Sure. If I could craft the potion myself, requiring the mines to make this happen, I’d be down for that. It’d definitely give more value to the televator. When I see the marketplace flooded with purchase docks for different alloys, ingots and leather, it begs the question “Did they have the space to gather crystal ores, or did they not bother due to lack of demand?”

I think lowering the cost of use would help, but I’m sure there might be other ways to remedy the issue.

Are you sure it isn’t being used? Is that based off no one being at the top of it when you are there? or that there is never crystals in the top one?

There’s never crystals in either side or never enough. The televator doesn’t communicate that well enough and there’s no book on it either.

I mean of course there is none on the top since it’s best to not keep it full and use your own so people don’t deplete it willy nilly, and are you talking about all of them on the other side or just some. On top of that just going to make sure you’re on a official server.

And that’s the root of the problem, isn’t it? If I have to manage my own crystal use for going in and coming out of the mine, it wouldn’t be nearly as efficient as just using my own teleport potions and speedrunning down below. The televator is a nice convenience but it’s one that I don’t see myself using all that often, if ever.

I agree that it’s a problem that no one would want to share crystals since some idiot could use them all, but it doesn’t mean people don’t use it.

And how is that the root of the problem if you were just arguing it takes too long to mine the crystals for the televator? If the time it takes to get the crystals is the reason no one wants to leave their crystals in the televator wouldn’t that be the root cause?

Also assuming you can leave enough crystals in a low part of the televator for long enough without someone wasting it/not replenishing it then it’s more efficient than a running down all of the floors and using a tele potion though it might be more costly, since both would take up the same amount of space, but the potion generally requires the play to go all the way to refill their bottle and back along with running down all the way in the mines, but doesn’t actually cost much at all, while buying the crystals from someone would incur a cost but would be way faster to get the player in the mines and out without even needing to fill a bottle with tele.

Also something that might help the televator distinguish it’self from the tele potion is if players could teleport a whole group at once.

I didn’t say that people don’t use it. In fact I’m sure a lot of people do use it, I don’t know. I’ve never really seen anyone other than myself use it in my time in ATT.

I also don’t know if that is the root of the problem; I never made the claim it was. I’m just listing possible issues. There might be several layers to this problem. My main issue is the time it takes to mine the crystals, but another issue could be that the appeal of teleport potions is far more valuable than mining out crystals. The time it would take for a player to go refill their potion is almost negligible compared to a player going down into the mines, mining enough crystals to not only get out of the game but also to come back (less if they intend to not come back). Can a player even leave if there’s crystals in the mine but not in the entrance above it? I’ve never tried, and I couldn’t find crystals today in the 3-4 crystal layers my friends and I pillaged.

I think the televator needs more appeal to be considered.

Mining crystals isn’t something you go down in the mines just to do, you can stock up anytime in a mining trip, so there really isn’t the cost of going all the way down in gathering crystals unless that is the only thing you do. The time it takes to go all the way to the source of tele potion isn’t something to discount, although I can see it becoming more preferable if you are really far in the mines as then you need a lot of crystals for the trip up, but then again my point was not that the time it takes between gathering crystals and getting a potion it was between getting the potion and buying the crystals.

Yes you can still go back up, it’s stated on the wiki.

As for the lack of crystals I’d say that is an actual problem, might be the nodes failing to spawn it but if you’re having that problem then it’s definitely too much of a pain to get the crystals for it, but that is more of a problem with the spawning.

I agree that it isn’t as appealing as it should be, with the crystal problems or without it still is a problem that putting crystals in the lower levels is needed for you to come back but you are risking someone depleting them, also I think it would make more sense for it to have a fixed cost and a lower variable cost so that every 10 floors cost 3 crystals or so, but you start off with the a cost of 20 or so crystals so that floor 30 would cost 26 crystals to go up and floor 60 would only cost 35 crystals to go up from.