The Tower (mob grind, special loot)

A big tower in the world that has different floors. Each floor going up has harder mobs and higher material cost to open the next door.
Core concept
So the idea is a massive tower where you go in, the first few floors are basic in scope, simple mobs, a few materials to gather. Maybe a mini boss mob. As you progress through to a new level the door requires materials to open, which can be found or crafted throughout the floor/level.

Every few levels you have a neutral floor where players can mingle (only players who have made it to that floor could be there obviously, adding an elite scene of sorts for socializing at different tiers of tower prowess) and also have vendors and crafting to suit up with better gear for the next set of levels.

In the higher level neutral zones, have available to purchase or craft unique items only available through the tower, to show off when outside. “Man that guy has the sword from tower level 40! What in the…?!”

Personal twist (optional)
Side idea, have flyers and a picture of the current top tower players in town.

A bit cliche don’t you think? Just a big tower that you go up? It’s not a bad idea it’s just that it doesn’t fit ATT. The dungeons in this game will be different than others, maybe you could make a modded map of this once missing becomes a thing. I’d play it.

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The tower of druaga vibe.
Not to mention the sky tower of DFO as well.
Interesting idea though.


Seems more of a off shoot from the dungeons already know that we are getting than anything else.

Not sure which would be cooler, a tower that seems to go up forever, or a tower that is as tall as the highest room any player has reached.

Also the thing could just go down in the ground too for something that isn’t visible nearly anywhere on the map.

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Perhaps a special layer(S) in the mine instead

A layer in the mines that’s well lit and full of mobs could be pretty cool, maybe it would have some better chests and ore and have the stairs right near the entrance so people could skip it.