The trials and tribulations of a newcomer, and how we can help them overcome them

Alrighty. Inspired by this feedback, I thought I would create this little thread.

Improving the tutorial is very necessary, and that is obvious by the amount of questions we get in #tips-and-help every day. Barely anything is told to a new player.
Don’t get me wrong, I kinda love that about Township, but that’s from my perspective. I was lucky enough to be given a fantastic tour, and helped a lot when I first joined, but that may not be the case for many players.

Dependence on players is not a good long term solution, as much as I wish it were. This is why we need to discuss how we can improve the experience for newcomers.

The Main Issues
When it comes down to it, I believe there are 3 main issues.

  1. Not knowing how to do/use something
  2. Not knowing what X item does
  3. Not knowing where to find X item/what X item is (looking at you, Advanced Crafting book)

I’d really like to have a little discussion on how we can eliminate each of these issues.

As I suggested in that feedback (reposting it to here), I suggest to make a world that is an advanced tutorial that acts as a playground for the current skills like cooking, blacksmithing, archery, and fighting (I couldn’t think of a melee-centric name). They don’t even need to be required to complete it, but be offered as a suggested next step after people complete the tutorial. Heck, it’d mean people trying to find out what way to design a weapon of their dreams can play around without penalty, get feedback, then join on their server of choice and work towards it.

If people can play with something in an environment where there are no penalties, usually they’ll be able to find out what it does, or at least get an idea in the right direction. It doesn’t address point 3, but it does help mitigate points 1 and 2.

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I do enjoy the focus on letting players figure out these core concepts for themselves. It can often be too costly to test out how a certain crafting works as you could be potentially wasting materials.

I’m a bit on the fence about this. One side i agree that more knowledge to new players would be good. On the other I feel it kinda what A township is all about. Helping one another and working together to achieve a bigger goal. And it might just be my play-style but i love to learn things on my own and learn things even if i fail and waste resources. Makes me actually feel like a blacksmith learning new metals and blades and what works well with what.

I do understand that totally, and that is my way of playing and the ideal way I think the game should be experienced. The issue with that situation is that it isn’t a guaranteed way of learning. We can’t ever guarantee that a new player will come across a kindly experience player who will be able to show them the ropes, and as the playerbase increases, that will probably become less and less likely, so it isn’t a good long term solution.

We do need a solution, but I do agree that the player shouldn’t be told everything.

I havn’t played the tutorial in a while (Straw backpacks weren’t a thing when I did it, for context), so I don’t know if it’s been updated since then, but black smithing, wood working, and cooking were all not really part of it then, so getting into the game was a huge jump from tutorial to game.
A play ground to mess with everything does kill the atmosphere of ATT, but maybe one default version of each type of tool, so you understand how each one is made, with infinite ores and coal set off to the side for you to practice with, but only so many molds. ( And so on with 1 stew type, and 1 or 2 handle types )
I also think a quick description should be given for all the building (name, purpose, etc.) I remember that being super confusing as someone who didn’t really get any help from other players.