The Utopian Update

So last night, I had a dream…
It was an amazing dream. I dreamed of the future of a township tale. There was an island at sea, cloaked by mystical fog, expanded vertically by rickety planks and stones. There were so many rooms, one for each profession and storage for the profession. There was a smaller island, reached by jumping out of a hole in the wall, leading to the “Mines” that had underground camps filled with glorious loot, as well as a room filled with sleeping phantoms, that would become aggressive if woken. There was a valley, where a sort of dust bowl with the normal chickens and wyrms were found. The graphics were great, but I don’t know if that was because it was a dream. there were more utility potions, like narcotics that would disable the player and give them vignette, and let them be moved by others. (If you’re wondering, this was used on me by an ill-mannered player). There were small secret enclosures on the island, covered by sliding wood planks (so there could be monsters that could raid the island?). The players had legs like those depicted in the “Future of ATT” pictures, and they had distinct faces. Transitioning to out-of-dream-ideas, the “Utopia” island could be switched with the mystical valley at server creation, and the players could work together to make a boat, used to escape the island.

A new story mode map for players to complete.

Core concept
An island in the middle of the Talemic sea, shrouded by ghostly fog, that the team of players must escape.