Things made from birch wood should not appear to have the spotted black bark

When i think of something made from birch i think a smooth, blonde look. All handles, arrows and anything else made from birch in ATT should have this look as well. Especially since we actually, visually chip off all the spotted black bark during chiseling. spotted black arrow shafts and handles just look… wierd.

If this were changed, every single wood item would also have to be changed, which would probably make it hard to distinguish between different woods (oak and birch look pretty similar on the inside).

I think it’s worth it since it just doesn’t make sense to have the bark on it, but also why do they have keep birch like real birch, fantasy twists is what ATT is all about.

They could also make it so the inside of the birch is spotted (not sure how that would make sense though).

i dont think all the different wood textures for crafted items need to be made more true to the real life wood. In fact, all the other wood types are fine as is i think. But i really think birch should be blonde for one, because the natural spotted bark look on finished, crafted items doesnt really feel right, and also because it would be nice to have a smooth light color like that to have as an aesthetic option.

maybe ive played too much minecraft, or maybe ive been to ikea too many times but birch wood carpentry always has that distinct blonde look


I agree with the first part, but I’d go farther than that. Why have “birch” why not make it more fantasy? It could even have the dark spots go into the actual wood, doesn’t have to be light on the inside, some other type of wood could be like that.

Edit: woops I realised I basically said the same thing twice over two posts.

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