Time-out Period before disconnecting

would be nice if there was a Time-out period before being forced to leave.

Core concept
My wifi goes out randomly sometimes and whenever it disconnects, even if for only 2 seconds I will be put into the disconnection void until it reconnects and puts me back into the main menu house area.
Was wondering if it would be possible for there to be a 10-30 second period where instead of disconnecting you immediately, it gives you that time to see if you’ll reconnect or not.
While you’re disconnected it, you could be frozen waiting to reconnect.

Personal twist
While you’re frozen you could still take damage, would suck but would make it so people cant abuse it, and would stop combat logging if you knew you’re gonna take damage for 30 seconds after you disconnect

Would make people use the leave/logout button rather than just close the game (maybe)

I think I’d rather disconnect then die if my internet went spotty and I’m in the mines or something, it does pose an issue if the time out period gets abused to take no damage

understandable, was trying to see if there was a way (if possible) for an alternative from immediately disconnecting to something better if possible
maybe if you can only take a certain amount of damage while timed out, then you wouldnt die from timing out
and currently disconnecting just immediately takes you out and puts you back where you were before
Just trying to see if there might be a better way to deal with disconnections or not
(sorry if i repeated myself)

Step 1 to abuse this:

  • PVP fight someone
  • the fight goes bad/fake losing
  • toggle connectivity for a moment
  • invincible for a few seconds, screen says “one moment connection unstable”
  • connection resumes
  • back like nothing happened, lost a fraction of the damage actually done, other player is more worn out now
  • wreck them while they’re tired or think they’re about to win

Idk, I feel like this could be abused by the person on hold, or by the people involved

hmmm, maybe if there was a symbol or marker above players heads whenever they disconnected, showing that they arent there
and maybe be unable to do damage while youre marked as disconnected just to make sure people cant find a bug where it says your disconnected but not
thank you for telling me possible abuses that people could use it for, didnt think of those and wouldnt want it possible to abuse (if ever implemented)

^ This indicates to still connected players they can mess with the AFK person and they won’t know cause they aren’t there. Switch the goods you were about to trade them for something less valuable; poison their food; run away with loot on the ground; a ranged attacker like archer/mage has the advantage to get a new high-ground safe distance to shoot melee attacker from when they reconnect; a melee combatant will stand behind your frozen character for some back-stabs; enemy creatures could swarm around the player and potentially be targeting them before or as soon as they reconnect; etc…

This is worse than the abuse case 1, because now you can be 100% invincible while the PVP enemy wails on you, re-connect while they’re tired and now you haven’t lost ANY health.

I think there need to be quite a few extra considerations to make this sort of feature something that isn’t abused.

i meant the disconnected unable to do damage (if there was ever a bug)
im just trying to see if theres anyways to make it unable to be abused,
cause right now, you can disconnect and theres no downside to doing that, you can disconnect during the middle of a fight and be teleported to a random spot within a meter (maybe its due to tracking or maybe its meant to do that)
if youre ever swarmed, or feel like you can be losing you can disconnect and be fine when you come back
Maybe if there was a reconnections period once you come back so you could situate yourself
and i said a marker so that in PVP the other person would know to not keep attacking

maybe if all that would happen is their avatar is replaced with a stone version of their selves? all items in their hands and backpack unable to be interacted with until they reconnect, would basically be the same as it is now but would make it easier to reconnect, not having to select/find the server again to reconnect