Tonfa Handle Bugs (2 in one)

Somehow the bug I reported earlier not only didn’t get resolved or added to the bug list, but there was also seemingly a nerf to tonfa customization. Here are the two bugs in question:

Limited Tonfa customization:
Normally when your crafting with a tonfa, your able to attach a shield, a craft piece vertical of ether kind with edge blades, and a light blade all on the same tonfa. Now those are mutually exclusive, I can have ether a shield, a craft piece or a light blade with none of them being able to go together. A craft piece and a light blade can technically be combined, but more similarly to a craft piece in the middle of a 2 handed wooden or metal handle rather than like a tip of a regular handle.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Spawn a tonfa handle, craft piece vertical, a light blade, and a small shield.
  2. Attempt to combine all off them on the same tonfa.
  3. See that it doesn’t work.

Shield Perk Not Working when small shield is on tonfa:
Normally when using the shield perk with a shield it functions as expected, 3 registered hits buffs your weapon. When attempting this with a shield attached to a tonfa, it doesn’t register hits whatsoever. Granit I only attempted this with Identically built tonfas that both have shields, but in theory the buff should still work. Whats strange is that the small shield attached to the tonfa still registers hits for attracting enemies indicated by the green effect and noise.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Fix bug 1 or revert to version where bug 1 doesn’t exsist. That or force create two tonfa with a small shield and a light blade on each.
  2. Obtain Shield perk.
  3. Attempt to use shield perk
  4. No effect

If ether of these are intentional please let me know.

Discord User Name: PengoPlays

Servers where bug was encountered: PengoPlays World and A Timeship Tale for bug 1 and 2 respectivly.

PengoPlays Tonfa (1.5 MB)

Bonus: On the timeship tale server, my tonfa handles appear to disconect from the attachments. This is a visual bug. It happened randomly after extended use. The attachments are 1 small edge blade, 1 flat edge blade, 1 small light blade, and 1 shield. All were made from silver, and the handle is standard wood.