Tool Overhaul

I think tool making is currently simple pretty simple (in my standards), so I suggest an overhaul.

The idea:
I suggest a complete overhaul of tool making, so I think I should start off with a new station; the Tool Making Station (to be patented) (not final name). To make a tool, you attach the handle and (finished) tool head. It works similar to the Assembly Deck, where you “nail” on the tool head, but instead of straight up breaking the tool head if you go too hard, it takes off a durability level.

I think this system could be used for armor making, which is actually the main reason I came up with this.

Forgot to add stone tool making;

  • Add flint to stick.
  • Wrap dry grass around flint.
  • You made it!

It’s a toss up, it sounds like something that just adds complexity, but also what we have now doesn’t make sense (plopping blades on) and there isn’t anything that says we can’t have it that way.

I personally like it since being able to attach tool heads and blades anywhere (besides flint/stone stuff) cheapens crafting. We have to carve handles and smith blades put a pick head just plops on and that’s it.

To be honest I don’t even think you would have to separate the stations, instead you could just add this functionality to the assembly deck.

One thing I’d like to add is the idea of having a blacksmith skill that lets the player assemble the tools without it (with a bit more work) which would give an upkeep skill that makes them someone you might have on an adventure even though they aren’t a combat class.

If you mean this without the tool making station then that would be good as long as it can be shown well on the tutorial server.

Perhaps using the various (decorative) stumps around the map instead? Or you could simply just hammer it on, when you’re holding it.

Yes, I do mean it without the tool making station. Although I don’t know exactly how it would be shown in the tutorial, it would probably be shown by some sort of indicator/text on a sign, like it already has with the normal stone on stick.

Honestly I agree with you both. A new station that adds some depth to the whole idea of assembling a tool just makes sense to me. There’s a balance between convenience and realism and I think this is an enjoyable step in the realism direction.

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Yeah, as nice as it is to just plop on tool heads and such, it would add more depth and be more realistic, the more work you need to put into tools to make them, the more they feel like a real tool.