Top tier melee skills rebalance and tweak

All ideas below is just personal opinions for rebalance and tweak of current public and consoles top level melee skills, no new skill has to be added.

So, currently, what is unbalanced in my opinion?

Ground pound is a very abused skill that is powerful, multi targeted, area effective and convinient. Once you charged it, it goes with you and you can use it any time any where when there is ground, and this isn’t a 0G space game, so there is ground every where. You can use “long iron handle” + “phantom guard” + “great sword blade” to craft a weapon that is able to swing out a mass damage ground pound that is far as 3-4 yards away from you.

Air slash is pretty useless in both PvP and PvE particularly when compared with ground pound, slash wave goes pretty slow, damage dealing is low, and the worst part is how inconvenient it is to aim and trigger. Once you charged up, the orb stays stationary related to the world, so you either have to stand still to charge and use it, or if you are having a dynamic combat where you keep moving, you have to charge and go back to find the orb to slash it.

Stinger, a consoles only skill that has not yet release to public version, have not tried it my self, but I have heard that it is OP on damage side, triggers and aims in similar way as air slash, a stationary orb.

My idea of rebalance:

  1. boost air slash on damage and slightly on wave speed, make the damage of the wave dynamic according to travel distance that is opposite to archery, the further it goes, the weaker it gets. Nerf stinger and bring it to public version.
  2. make both air slash and stinger better to aim and trigger, make the aiming orb goes with player so they won’t be so inconvenient to use compared with ground pound.
  3. all these 3 top level skills should require a second charge after the charged attack, similar to how light beam needs a second charge after charged shot. This way non of them will be too OP and abused, also that the aiming orb won’t interfering skills from other professions as wood cutting and mining. (I heard that before)
  4. diversify these 3 skills on different weapon types.
    For example, ground pound can only be triggered with tool heads or tool-ish weapons as axe, hammer, pickaxe, battle axe and war hammer. If you have a long handle with a war hammer head on one side and a dagger blade on the other, you have to trigger ground pound with the hammer side. This way there won’t be the extra long swords making ground pound 3-4 yards away like I mentioned above.
    Air slash can only be triggered with sword-ish weapons as long sword, great sword, board sword, katana and anything along the category.
    Stinger can only be triggered with low profile weapons as knife, dagger, knuckle and katar kind stuffs. This way all those very short reach and low damage weapons can have a unique boost on mobility.

I personally think all these tweaks above can make melee combat more fun, more dynamic, more diversified and make more different weapon choices actually meaningful in both PvP and PvE combat game play, and make certain things less OP also less chance to be abused.

Edited: I just realized I have been putting my posts under the wrong category… Just moved it to feedback from ideas.

Actually, I think I might be talking about the similar stuffs I posted before…
Well, this one is more organized, I think.

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