Towns N tales

Looking for a new server? Maybe your new and looking for an interesting community to be a part of. Either way, you’ll be happy to see what we have in store for newcomers and veterans alike. This server has loads of custom features and RP features

PVP - Want to test your skills? Maybe test your ability to survive in the art of battle? Then look no further, we have a special arena and a battleground where clans fight

Market - Trying to find a way to make some extra cash? Good thing we’ve got you covered! We have the structure for a market setup right now! This includes trade decks outside jobs E.G (tavern) And a trader who will sell your pets, houses, furniture and more you can also sell him collectables you find in your adventures

Disciplinary action - Have an issue? Speak to the local moderator in game or dm us in our discord. We want everyone to have an amazing time in our server

New Player Friendly - New to the game? Feel free to ask nearby players for help and in return, do the same to others! This is a community! A place where everyone can have fun

We also have 3 houses, small, big and mansion as well as custom houses to buy, and you can also buy furniture if you got the money

Fancy being part of a clan? We have 4 different clans to choose from they have custom houses and these clans can have wars have adventures and even ally with another clan there are max 6 in each you will need to change your name to E.G ryanrobo6- TGW (the grave walkers) or hold a specific item

Want to join crime join the mafia or hitmen these people will kill targets and have secret raids against clans to steal if you want to beat the crime join are the police force and meet the local detective

Want to join a guild if war isn’t your type no need to worry we have guilds for specific jobs you could join the miners guild and go mining

Reproduction Steps:

My Discord Server -

(Towns N tales) ryanrobo6#9763