Trash bin!

To reduce server lag we need to reduce trash lying around in town.
Collecting trash in shelves just shifts the problem. We need a solution!

Core concept
Create a prefab that works like a trash can. Players thrown their unused stuff in and it be gone. Everyone can understand that.
Server owners would be able to place them wherever needed.
It could even resemble the incinerator from the customisation.

Personal twist
In order to keep track of griefers a subscription on trash bins would be cool featuring:

  • player
  • bin ID
  • what trash

The addition of a wacky destroy-free all command for server owners would also be a great add-on!


Yeah that would help a lot!
Then bots would be able to do a quick cleaning routine

Would it also be something worth considering to have a trashbin-symbol in your bagpack and everything you drop there get’s deleted? That would make deleting stuff much easier but maybe takes a little “realism” away from the game, so I’m just throwing that in here to be discussed maybe :slight_smile:

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This would be really helpful, we definitely need a simple command to clean up all of the loose stuff that accumulates

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Ideally it would be a settings menu addition for the server owner and they could use this whenever needed. the key here is that is people leave plates on the floor in the smithy, or other key items lying around they would also go. I personally like the idea of a clean up command, as the mines especially get littered with “im full so ill just drop stuff” and then after you blow up golems etc.

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omg yes please, I’ve had people trash area’s without cleaning it up and my game goes from a nice 60fps to about 25fps when I am greeted to all the items, currently for the smaller ones I shoot them into infinity with a slingshot, but the big ones I have to try get outside of the map and throw it into the void, which almost never works.

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There is already a sort of trash bin. When you place trash in a lootbox it gets deleted next time the loot is regenerated. But it’s not perfect as it takes quite a long time for the items to be removed and most lootboxes are far away from the town. The main problem is that people are not aware of this possibility.

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Haha I do that with my great sword, place trash item on the ground then yeet it off into oblivion like a hockey puck! Works especially well with duplicate backpacks that are litterly everywhere!

Yea but people could steal your stuff and throw it away

People already do throw stuff away into the lake

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Ya but you can get it back from glitching