Traversing The Forest

A few ideas on different ways the Forest can be travelled around! Breaking up travelling is very important, and would make traversing the Forest much more entertaining.

Ok, ok, I’m aware that Climbing is still quite far off, but that isn’t going to stop me! Having small Climbing sections that provide a reward is a no-brainer. Walking around gets boring after a while, so breaking up the monotony would be perfect.

Drawbridges and Elevators
I know this is already being worked on, just including it here for the sake of compiling every idea.

Placeable Zip-lines
Zip-lines are a very entertaining way of getting from point A to B in style (and speed).
Firstly, I believe that Zip-Lines should comprise 3 parts: Two Hooks and a Rope Coil.
When constructing a Zip-Line, each player would have a Hook, and one a Rope Coil. The higher of the two Players must place the Hook, and then attach the Rope on one end. They could then use a Bow/Slingshot to shoot the end of the Rope to the other player.

Hang Gliders
Everyone loves Hang Gliders! Being able to soar through the lush foliage of the Forest would be a dream come true for many of us.
Of course, Hang Gliders would be a difficult item to craft/find as they open up a lot of opportunities, and such power couldn’t fall into the hands of any average joe.

I love the idea of a glider, I don’t remember where, but we discussed having something similar to the paraglider from Breath of the Wild a while ago.

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@Joel_Alta and @Bossun_Alta zip liners

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Craftable Hang Glider Here is the post @Zebulaun is talking about, we even discussed zip lines in it too.

I’m vibing with the whole climbing concept