Turn off comfort mode by default

A lot of new players don’t like the comfort mode and ask how to turn it off, so it would be much easier to just have it off by default.
I understand why it exists, but the majority of people who discover this game have already lost any motion sickness or understand that playing this game would not be pleasant for them.

It may be better to have it on so that people, who need the comfort mode, know it exists.

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I think we just need the options to be more noticeable so people check it before asking about options.


Do people have more thoughts on this?


Comfort mode on by default is fine. Some games don’t have that option, so having it pop up when you first play will let the player know that it’s an option that exists.
Most likely, someone who doesn’t like comfort mode will look for a setting (which is pretty dang obvious just look left) to turn it off.
And if someone finds it annoying and complains about the comfort mode, then that’s on them. The settings are what you should usually check first in a VR game anyhow.

Totally agree with this, imo there are more people that don’t use it than people that do. If the devs don’t want it to be off by default, they should add a pop-up when you first log on instead of forcing it to be on.