Tutorial freezes for short durations

The tutorial occasionally freezes for durations of around a minute.
Reports have suggested it can happen several times in a day.

Reproduction Steps:
Be on tutorial, difficult to tell if it’s tied to any particular user input.

A Tutorial Tale

Latest: 2021-02-27 21:04 CET (or 20:04 UTC)

Some more info:
These freezes happen to all users at the same time, it’s as if the server stops processing messages for a while. Every player can move around on their own as usual, but from their perspective the world and everyone in it appears frozen.

More timestamps:
2021-01-19 22:00 UTC - 1 minute
2021-01-19 22:43 UTC - 20 seconds
2021-01-25 20:12 UTC - 2 minutes
2021-02-01 20:03 UTC - 30 seconds
2021-02-01 20:09 UTC - 15 seconds
2021-02-06 19:00 UTC - 30 seconds
2021-02-27 20:04 UTC - 1 minute

I haven’t been in the tutorial much lately, but it just froze again for a good minute.

2021-04-11 20:33 UTC - 1 minute.

Some work went into this today.

If people still experience the network freezing on tutorial for extended periods (eg. 20s or more), please post here, as gzx has above.

Another lag spike in tutorial just now

2021-05-05 18:57 UTC - 3 minutes(!)

Joined the tutorial again after having a break from ATT, and of course it spiked again. Seems like it’s still an issue.

2021-06-01 19:55 UTC - 1 min