Tutorial Island Feedback

So I’d like to throw something out.

My friend today who has a rather lower-end PC tried to start ATT and got into the new tutorial island.

I really enjoy the new tutorial island (and its way better I the original) but I’d like to provide some feedback to what he experienced.

As a new player, it is not fun to get thrown into a tutorial island (that is fairly small) with 16-20 players.

My friend really chugged playing the game and died almost every 2minutes cause the food was collected before him. I really would like to suggest another server for the tutorial area. So lower-end PCs can see if they

  1. Can run the game
  2. Not chug at all if players keep joining.

Also, I think for a new player experience it would be much nicer if there was also a mute player option to allow them to focus on the tutorial.

Another solution to the chugging could also be a ghosting option to ghost other players so that lag doesn’t occur.

I am sorry about this feedback but I feel it is heavily needed.
I really enjoy ATT and I will continue to show my support and I hope this will be my first and last feedback thread.