Two different colored eyes

I’m just posting this to see if anyone else agrees that we should have the ability to color each eye individually. I was recently customizing my character and thought how cool it would be to have a red eye and a blue eye. but I couldn’t so this is where the idea came from. I would really like to hear if anyone else in the community would think this would be a good addition.

Yeah, I think this would be a nice change. I don’t think I’d want to use it but I think it’d be cool to see others with 2 different colored eyes.

I support this. Whenever given the choice I always have 1 White and 1 Purple eye.

Asymmetry is something that the cosmetics team hope to exist one day. I do recall Serena liking the idea, but isn’t possible with the current tech at the moment.
On another note, with all of the already existing cosmetics and preset system, I shudder to think of the cataclysmic bug fixing that would need to be done if they do actually start working on it.

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I reckon there’d be a lot of people cosplaying as Sans if this ever comes into fruition.

Actually I think I might do that.

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