Unintentional crafting changes after update 74?

As of update 74 when the Wwise sound intergration was added these 5 handles can no longer support an H guard (aka craft piece sideflat 2way in prefab) and another guard or blade on the handle end. Im curious if this was intentional and wasnt added to the patch notes or if this is a bug because it has severely restricted alot of weapon crafting.


Was just about to post the same thing and found this thread, so I will be adding on to this.
I want to know too whether this is a bug or intentinal nerf.

This is true. I saw a video of someone in a video using handle short cool with a thick great sword blade, the one thats 12 ingots. I tried it and it didn’t work.

Or this could be the devs nerfing crafting

ive also seen some other crafting changes since this might need to make an update on some other micro adjustments