"Unofficial Rules" Update them

Recently this has been the subject of debate regarding the PVP server and most recently situation involving around 5 people chasing someone trying kill them steal their stuff. they managed to get a good 50 metres away from them in the game and logged to avoid the situation.

The attackers brought this up to Sol in the supporter chat where no one can even see it and its apparently against the rules even though nothing in the official rules states anything about it.

Hell the PVP servers states and I quote “there’s no rules against stealing or killing” Making statements like this redundant as they haven’t been updated to reflect the information that came to light in the supporter only chat that only paying people can find for a free game, When this is clearly not the case according to sol.

So I request that you please update them to reflect this.

Thanks for your time.


I didn’t properly understand this post, but from what i can gather, you are requesting that a rule is changed to better reflect a time when sol quickly tried to defuse a situation in which someone combat logged. I dont play on pvp so it’s not really my business, just my 2 cents.

I think it’s more “stick with combat logging isn’t allowed and put that in the rules for the PVP server in the #server-types channel or stick with what the rules say and don’t say it isn’t allowed.”


Exactly edit. thanks
To be honest though I think this is rather a stupid rule to have. Hell in other games where you can be attacked at any time and place combat logging is the main escape route. Oldschool Runescapes deadman mode for example. It is completely expected that you do it and escape by any means necessary and is in the spirit of the game mode.
Imagine this is actually a rule and you’re not allowed to log out because someone has been chasing you for 2 hours. because that is what this rule effectively does.

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Some games have a timer when you hit “log out” that gives you a 10 - 30 second countdown before it actually logs you out of the game. Could be a way to solve the issue, if that’s the resolution you’re after? Nothing to stop people from hitting Alt-F4 though.
I’ve personally got zero interest in pvp, but figured that titbit of info was relevant. :slight_smile:

Alt f4-ing in ATT causes problems, but i guess if you are willing to risk it to get out of combat…

actually there is already a timer the problem is that the person ran away and logged soon as they could. apparently this is against the rules and is ban able ALT+F4 Wasnt apart of it

Generally games will stop you from closing the game instead of logging out by killing you for it since you shouldn’t be able to log out either way, pretty sure the same thing happens if you close the game in ATT

This only happened in the supporter-chat because that is where somebody pinged Sol. These discussions have happened a lot in the general chat so a lot of us were already aware of it. I do agree that the rules need to be updated to reflect things like this as they are not obvious to newer players. But I’d like to clarify he was nowhere near 50m away from us, he was a lot closer. (And they were the ones who attacked us first, not the other way around)