Unplayable for me in current state

I was initially very excited about this game after seeing youtube reviews and let’s play videos but for the following reasons I find the game unplayable.

The tutorial doesn’t explain how to do anything.
It isn’t clear how to equip your back pack, I never did figure out how to equip it.
I couldn’t figure out how to chat with other players in the tutorial who seemed as lost as I was.
No instructions are given on how to chop trees or mine rocks. I eventually got stuck in the dark cave when my light went out and there was no way to get out of the cave.

Thanks for giving feedback.

The tutorial explains how to get wood, ore and make simple tools. It’s true that people have problems with chopping trees down either only segmenting the trees or trying to chop apple trees or other static trees. Did you try swinging one of the rusty axes at one of the trees? (specifically the ones with the trunk going straight up.)

Mining is even more straight forward, though you do need to make a flint pick/axe with a stick and peice of flint, as you just need to hit the clumps of copper ore.

The torches need to be relit after a while with some flint or just lighting a different torch with the main torch ad needed. Though I could see making the exit to the mines is always lit so it’s easier to get out if you lose your light, though there are fire bugs for relighting.

Backpack goes on the back slot which works just like the slots on your sides, but it can hold more space, you have to make sure there isn’t anything already on your back though.

I could have sworn voice chat starts as on, but that is easily changed in the little menu if you use your controller’s menu button. If it doesn’t worj then it might be something with your mic.

Thanks again for this feedback! Its great to get the perspective of new players


there really isn’t an explanation for any of that in the tutorial short of maybe showing you the recipe for the back pack on the chest. Adding some dialog next to the back pack in the form of a sign or something to explain that would be helpful. Also mining is not explained. I found a stick with rocks attached to it so I used that to hit rocks in the cave for about 2 minutes and assumed this can’t be right. Then I found how to take a black Rock and put it on a stick and I used that to hit rocks in the cave for about 3 mins and still nothing happened even though it looks like you’re doing something. But by then my light went out and I couldn’t get out of the cave. I decided maybe I wasn’t giving this game enough of a chance so I relaunched it to try again but decided not to try mining or that cave again and still couldn’t figure out how to chop wood. I tried using the axe I made but hitting trees didn’t do anything. I did find a tree where I got a branch off of it but that didn’t count towards progress. I tried speaking to different people, I did figure out that my microphone was working in the menu so I tried to toggle it on and off and still I couldn’t hear anyone and no one indicated that they could hear me. I tested my microphone on VRchat and it was fine.

The game looks like it will be fun down the road but it’s just too buggy and incomplete right now to feel immersed yet. It’s really forth wall breaking in my opinion even though this game is the closest I’ve seen yet to the types of game I’m into.

I notice was when you walk around your field of view seems to shrink to an abyssmal level and the vision stutters and flashes while you move.

I love that the game is free but what the game promises to be in my opinion is worth 30-60 dollars or a 5-10 dollar a month subscription IF it can deliver, which it doesn’t right now for me. I’ll be back im sure if the game becomes more stable. The installation process also wasn’t great either. The install would break after downloading, or fail to locate certain files and I had to “repair” the download several times or refresh and I had to Google guides to get this game running on what I think is a pretty basic set up. I just have all stock components on a basic windows 10 computer, no virus protection or firewalls so move of that should have been an issue.

Best of luck to the developers and community

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Well a rock is a lot more blunt so it wouldn’t make sense for it to mine.

I’d say it would make sense to put the backpack on the back, but I think you are right that more test would help.

Were you getting particles and a noise from it? because it should be, I’m not sure if you aren’t hitting it hard enough or an actual bug or something.

Sound and/or particles? Are you doing large swings? Its better to get a rusty one from the ground since it chops faster, also you have to chop up the segment of branch that came off? (I can’t remember if the branches count) but you need to cut up the pieces.

That is weird, haven’t heard anyone having a mic problem in quite a while.

I think you’re having more problems that people usually have (tutorial is a bit optimized in teaching players) good amount of content outside of the tutorial world but it would be nice to get the farming update and the housing one since that will add more gameplay options. And I agree the game shows so much promise.

Not sure about the stuttering and flashing, but the field of view shrinking is a comfort option for people that get motion sick, it can be disabled in the options at the server selection area.

I’m not sure if you are saying this without seeing anything past the tutorial besides YouTube videos, Also I think the devs are delivering well so far as they update monthly which either has something interesting to play with optimizations or a mix of both.

If you want I can help you through the tutorial some time and see some of the problems first hand.

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The devs want to keep this game free. Also tbh this game is even more stable than some paid games for me. If you can’t figure out how to do the stuff in the tutorial then make sure you read all the signs and if that doesn’t work ask someone on discord to come help in the tutorial, im sure somebody will be happy to help if nobody isn’t already on the tutorial server helping ppl out as they were when I first came. The last few times I was in the tutorial server it was overall a bit buggy i guess from so many people in such a tiny world, its better in the big servers.


Might be a problem for them since there mic isn’t working in ATT for some reason, best to get someone that can either stay on a discord call or already knows all the problems being faced.

Oh that is true.