Update - Wwise Integration - Megathread

Found an issue caused by Update 0.0.74.x?
Post it in these comments!


  • Invisible players / other stuff


  • Clicking away from the ‘A Township Tale’ window, will cause sounds to stop playing. As in, the game window must be ‘active’ to play sounds. Sorry folks, I know this is a pain.
  • Generic Crafting sounds when loading/unloading chunks.
  • ‘Clicking’ sound when teleporting.
  • Cauldron doesn’t stop bubbling
  • Forager bag missing count text on some docks
  • Hand camera doesn’t work
  • In game settings board doesn’t work

Missing Sounds:

  • Fall damage
  • Torch
  • Lantern
  • Flashlight
  • Wyrm Spit noise while it travels through air
  • Water basin drip noises in the mines

More info needed

  • Fire sounds persisting
  • Dynamite explosions in the mines is weird when blown up in small caves

Interactable structures not spawning in any of the servers

Other players are sometimes invisible when loading in as well as certain structures (mostly spawned prefabs but sometimes town structures) This does not always fix from relogging and has varied results every time I log in. (sometimes there are structures but no people or people but no structures)

The personal camera and in-game server settings board will not work.

Ability to take items off of peoples backs when you are invisible for them.

Found code issue causing some entities (namely players) to occasionally not spawn.

Food items (specifically and unripe tomato) in the process of cooking sliding across the ground and changing direction at random as if possessed by a vengeful spirit?

Torch, lantern, and flashlight sounds are absent.

Burning noise continues after a camp fire has burnt out and after the ash has been destroyed.

Note: There’s been a soft rollout of an alternative server version.
This means that servers that reboot will be using this alternative. It is lacking an optimization that we think has caused the spawning issues.

There is a man that has had his backpack turned into a ceiling lantern as well as his sword replaced with a birch tree? (0-0) wot

Server? Screenshot!?

Overgrowth, dev live.

Updated lists in top post

things are duplicating in the Overgrowth server and tutorial server isnt respawning items or those crafting table things dont spawn (sorry idk what theyre called)

Wyrm Spit noise while it travels through air is missing
Water basin drip noises in the mines is missing
Dynamite explosions in the mines is weird when blown up in small caves

Any info around this would be great. AFAIK campfires (dried grass + wood) make no sound right now.

So, more information on the dynamite explosion sounds. The Dynamite will only make the sound in the last place dynamite was thrown. For easier testing and recreation, get 2 dynamite, throw one left and wait for the explosion, then throw the other one right. The 2nd dynamite explosion should be to the left despite it being thrown right.

Don’t know if directly related to this patch, but hasn’t happened to me before updating to this patch.

Died from poison while gripping a bow. Respawned without bow in hand, but the bow hand was pointing in the direction of my corpse, and required me to pull controller trigger to let go and regain control of my hand.

After this happened, the game started stuttering really badly. Dropped from to around 25 fps from roughly 100 fps. Bottleneck was the CPU, which was now maxing out.

Any chance you could DM me (Joel_Alta) your log files on Discord?
%appdata%/A Township Tale/Client - Just zip it up.