Useful Quiver

Store different arrows in the same quiver, and cycle between them with trigger.

Core concept
I don’t see much point in using a quiver (except for the looks) as of right now, as they don’t seem to do anything different than just having the stack of arrows on you. In my opinion it’s actually better to not have a quiver, since you need two hands to get the loot pouch with arrows for easy collection when you are wearing a quiver.

Letting us have multiple different arrows in the same quiver, will let archers be better in more situations than just shooting enemies, without having to fill your inventory with different arrows, like exploding, or flaming arrows.

I think they have a larger hit box, as for the future I think they’ll hold more arrows once we get stack limits.

But yeah if there is a way to store two types of arrows in a quiver it would be useful, though I think that has been suggested before.

Quiver definitely needs an upgrade. Not only is it more inconvenient for the needing two hands to get the loot pouch. It also take up your hip slot rather than just arrows which can sit in any slot available and are almost just as easy to grab. The quiver is a minor upgrade due to the increased hit box, but just not worth it overall at the moment. Tbh I was confused its purpose when I first realized it couldn’t hold multiple types of arrows.

The quiver will become more useful soon. You’ll just have to wait and see. :wink:


The mod has spoken! We have been blessed with knowledge from the mod man!

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All bow to mod man! His wisdom will be passed down for generations! TO MOD!!!

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