Using wood bow & rusted arrows in Dust Bowl = private solo server crash

FORE-WORD: The issue has resolved itself, I lost about 5 minutes of progress but that was 90% running. That said, 20 minute downtime and 5 minutes could be a BIG deal.
Edit edit: unsure if this was the exact fix, but all I did to remedy the issue was shut down my Oculus, re-launch TT, connected to the tutorial server, toggled some settings & ran to the crafting island, left and tried my server. Bam, it’s back. Or it could just be the server needed time to unstick.

I had fired a volley of arrows into a venom Wyrm during the night time, with a pouch/lantern-stand backpack equipped. After about 7~ shots, the 3 headshots blocking the Wyrm’s shots in the meantime, the server crashed, and could not be connected to for about 20 minutes.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Go to dust bowl
  2. I was past the rock quarry area, up the stairs and across the stone bridge towards one of the chests
  3. Wyrm pops up
  4. pop 3 arrows into the face, Wyrm’s acid no longer goes past the middle of 1 arrow
  5. 2 more shots in the stomach, miss 2 shots imbetween
  6. Server crash



Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.
I’ve no idea how to get log files from Oculus Quest 2, but link me to a guide or explain and I’ll do so if possible.