Variable Zoom Cameras

Variable zoom for the camera via spyglass rotation.

Core concept
Some people may know that you can put the spyglass on the camera’s lens and attach it for a high zoom. If not, now you know (yee haw).

I don’t end up using it that often for that specific amount of zoom, so having variable zoom via rotating the lens would be hecking neat. More flexibility in the spyglass camera combo.

With this mechanic, you wouldn’t have to move forward/backwards as much to get the perfect capture you want.

Sounds a like it would make it a lot more useful, I think the normal spy glass should also have this in the first place too.

Welp, didn’t know that (yee haw).


Wait what? Are we talking about holding a spy glass in front of the camera? Or are we talking about “attach” as it will snap on to the camera lens?
If they really actually attach, I have to try it! Thank you for tell me.
And like Edit said, regardless of camera zooming even it sounds so awesome, we should just have this zooming feature as a spy glass default.

Great idea, also agree that the spyglass should have this as well, maybe make a bigger version that zooms more than the tiny one (also cuz I wanna have a proper telescope)