Wave Slash Needs Some Love

Wave slash is a cool skill. It’s unique. It’s flashy. But it kinda sucks.

Practically never use wave slash for any actual combat. The tiny orb to strike just makes it not worth it. It stays in place relative to the world and not the player. Practically any movement will throw your aim off, most likely.

Not to mention, when enemies start popping up, you have to raise your weapon and wait for the orb to appear, and stay in one place during the entire endeavour. This puts you at some unnecessary risk compared to the other skils.

Possibly change it so that the orb at least travels with the player? Maybe even moves with HMD movement? It’s just inconvenient to use.

This is very similar to this post here.

I’ve already seen that post.
That guy is saying that he wants a buff. I just want a change to its function so it’s actually usable. If you buffed the projectile, there’s still the problem that my topic wants to address.


Not in the main post of that but @AMAGI mentioned that whole problem of it being stationary in a reply.

I can’t see comments from the quick search menu in the post. Poo. Still, it needs addressing.

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Yeah, there is a few things though, even it is very stationary and we who used some melee skills all hate it being like that a lot, but there some players mixing leveling with combat skills and settler skills actually like it to be that way, according to them before, the air slash skill will interference their mining or wood cutting skills, so if the orb stay related to the world, they can still get around it, but if the orb following player HMD which like once I suggested in discord long ago before forum is even a thing, they said that would be a pain in the butt for them…
I actually been thinking about how to release this skill better and more dynomic with out bothering other skills, all I can think of is to charge it the same as now, hold it above your head, but actually release it by press and hold the “lock” button which is trigger on touch and grip on vive wand. So it is not double tapping, it won’t bother with tool locking, and if you are intended to use other skills, you just don’t have to press down an extra button, which if you are intended to use air slash, you can press and hold on an extra button to release it.
This is all I could came up with…

Making people press that grip button might be a pain, what if it depend on how you held the weapon over your head? one hand above the other would give a combat (or just a non bubble skill) and hold it with one hand in front of the other would trigger the other skill?

So one would be more pointing it to the sky and the other one would be more of the start to an overhead swing.

It wouldn’t be hard to get the game to tell the difference between hand/hands lifted up and point up and hand/hands lifted up pointed back.

I actually like it that points the weapon tip to the sky and points the tool head behind to recognize what category of skill a player is intended to use.
Though my self personally don’t support the two hands relationship part, because there are many scenarios those people are not using their weapon or tool two handedly.
For example, if you are mining with a torch on left hand and a pick on right hand, if you combating with dual wielding or sword and shield, at those scenarios, your off hand may have some other task to do than co-op with your main hand for gestures positioning, and it will make all those related skills even harder to use.
I would say keep the weapon/tool positioning part, but forget about the two hand relationship part.

Doesn’t have to be two hands, tried to explain it in the last post, but it would work by the rotation of the one hand, so same thing but with one hand.

Here is a poorly drawn image to explain it.


@Edit I love it. And this way the orb can be following us with out bothering skills of other professions.


I agree with all of your points, except there are ways around this. I personally find that having the orb stay relative to the world is much more interesting. I have adapted to this issue through baiting my opponents. Charging the sword while moving, then baiting your opponent back to where the orb is will not only bring them closer, but it would not be expected.

While that does have some interesting skill to it, it still locks out a lot of other use of it, such as using skills on the run or while fleeing something.