Ways to boost economy #1 - Blacksmithing Jobs

One thing we need to help create an in-game economy are ways to boost the value of gold, in turn leading to actual jobs and professions. Gold isn’t very useful at this point in time since there isn’t much to use it on, or that’s even worth using on.

Core concept

one job we can help to create is the main source of crafting - Blacksmithing.
if we keep the same blacksmith skills but add additional passive effects that allow/unlock crafting at different tiers that would open jobs for blacksmiths with higher skill levels.

(example - ember song unlocking passive valayan crafting)

Currently brand new players can either be given higher materials, like rediron, mythril, and valayan, win the lottery with the dig spots, or even go deep enough in the mines to gather them on their first day. then they can immediately craft end game tools and weapons on day 1.
Also everyone just makes their own weapons, regardless of if you have blacksmith skills or not. and skills aren’t even needed. mainly just for speeding up valayan heating, in turn making each skill unnecessary.
if there were level requirements for crafting tier unlocks, that would prevent such cases and give need/value to our skilled blacksmiths, opening jobs and increasing the value of gold in the process.

i’d say it’s like this.

  • Smith skill passive effects -
    starting/basic crafting - Copper
    lvl1 smith - gold iron rediron
    lvl2 smith - silver electrum viridium
    lvl3 smith - mythril, paladium, valaan

i’m just trying to find ways to create an economy that would boost the value of gold

and create jobs that are actually worth doing, making the game more fun for everyone.

Personal twist (optional)
the lineup of skills will be the same, but their positions may need to change into more of a linear skill tree so people don’t just skip from copper to valayan crafting.

I dont like the idea of not being able to make things. The thing about new players being able to get end game tools quickly is, they don’t. You can’t mine mythril or even iron with a rusty pick, you have to progress. Even then, new players don’t go deep in the mines unless they have the specific goal of getting super good tools. No point in further barriers.

Also, what’s wrong with newbies getting good tools, are they not allowed?

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there have been multiple players stating they got higher metals from deep in the mines on their first day. also a lot tag along in big groups of varying skilled players and split rewards.
what was the minimum tier required to mine silver and mythril?
and up to mythril can (if you win the lottery like i did) be dug up on accident from dig spots on any day.
leveling blacksmithing isn’t that hard i got a full level up in an hour of crafting which was the last skill i needed for ember song.
progression is part of the game, it’s not a barrier.
sure they can make leveling less grindy to speed up the progression, but not much less than what it is currently

i’m trying to think of the one player who said they got valayan their first day and they had 2 valayan trident rapiers. i think it was the guy who stole someone’s ironclad yesterday then they found he just hid it

I understand everything you are saying, but still, is there something wrong with a new player working hard to get good tools. Also, I understand that the whole gimmick for this game is to pick what job you want and all, but denying someone the satisfaction of forging a tool and using that tool that they made with their own hands because they don’t want to spend hours grinding for smithing skills does not sit well with me. I dont want ATT to end up like a typical RPG where you just sit and grind so you can make something that you then use to grind some more (really i should just say typical grinding game).

what’s wrong with a new player working hard to get good tools?
that’s called playing the game. you should have to earn stuff, not just be given everything at the start.
but if we’re talking natural progression, where a new player plays the game normally without being boosted by other players, then this won’t even effect them.
every player starts with copper crafting
new players look for copper to make backpacks, they make copper tools and weapons. all that adds to blacksmithing exp (minus the backpack of course) but i’ve heard that even just pumping the ores into ingots gives xp as well. so when they’re pready to progress to the next stage of metals they just got to forge a couple more tools and weapons. then they move onto gold, iron, and rediron crafting.
most new players won’t even know about rediron or how to make it so they’ll focus on iron. they build exp upgrading all their tools and weapons to iron, adding towards their next blacksmithing level. when they later learn how to make rediron they upgrade to that adding evem more exp to crafting level 2. then when they want to move up they’re already 1/4 - halfway to the next level to start crafting with silver, electrum, and viridium. and so on.
that’s how games work, you earn things over being givin everything.

edit: i see we asked the same question at the start, i read yours wrong, but we still mean different things by it

Oh you’re trying to combat charity, alright. Probly never gonna be able to stop that. Even so, I dont think locking things behind a skill is a good idea. Skills in this game are just things that make tasks easier, they are not level barriers.
Im just gonna eject myself from this convo, not about to get into a flame war.

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also this idea doesn’t mean people can’t used the tools if they don’t have the skill to craft it, they can still use the tools, they just can’t forge them. that’s why this opens a job for blacksmiths. they’ll forge the tools for someone who doesn’t have the skill to forge it. this is about opening a market for blacksmiths

if we somehow got mixed up along the way

At this point, whether or not the people are gonna do the whole rp thing where blacksmiths make tools for ppl is up to the players, if they want to do all that, they will figure out some organization for it. Don’t just force everyone to do that just because that’s how the game is “supposed to be”.

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i’m not forcing anything. this is just an idea to improve the quality of the game in the long run.
their are many issues in the game while it’s in development. i do like the freedom, but that same freedom makes to majority of this game pointless. you can still do what you want, but you earn it.
this isn’t a set in stone idea, it can be altered, there may even be a completely different fix.
it’s all just an idea, no need to get upset about it
(it’s in text form, you may not be or sound upset but it comes off that way in text form)

I think it would just be best if there was also a proficiency stat for things like smithing so that there is more of a natural gap of having smiths be able to smith tools at the speed they normal can right now, but it would take a lot longer for a new player to smith it since they don’t have proficiency in the stat and thus their hits do less work on the blade.

I don’t think there should be a hard limit like with mining and how only good tools can mine the good ore, but making it a lot harder for new players in much the same way ember song makes valyan craft able for only the most patient.

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I don’t feel like restricting what people can make is fair, but decreasing the time as levels go up makes sense to me. I’m not a blacksmith, but I feel like I should still be able to make weapons, just not at the same quality or speed as a fully fledged blacksmith.

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This sums up what I was trying to say very well.

thanks for the feedback.
i also thought about making it tool based like mining but i didn’t think that would be good. i mean it’s simpler than now but idk.
now that i’m thinking about it again making the tools work like how mining works with higher tier tools being required might help to some capacity while keeping it simple. i mead it doesn’t really make sense that something like rocks can be used to bent metal, since in order to bend/shape the metal, your tool would normally have to be the same hardness or more to have an effect
idk as long as there’s someone to change the mechanic so that people more skilled in blacksmithing have a way to make a profit crafting for others that will help build an economy, in turn fixing and addressing so many other issues in the game.

i mentioned before about liking freedom to do whatever at whatever time. it’s nice to not be restricted,
but because of that freedom like i said earlier it just means everyone will craft their own stuff and leave no market for blacksmiths leaving us right back to not having an economy.
idk how to balance this but we need to find ways to make gold worth more while at the same time adding ways to help people make money doing what they want.

miners can sell their ore, woodcutters sell wood, not much way for carpenters/blacksmiths to make a profit. crafting kinda drew the short stick here.
except spriggle cooking, that’s how you make some mad cash XD

I was actually saying it shouldn’t be like mining in that way, so that we avoid those hard limits. Though having better hammers have more of a gap in power so that a rusty hammer can just barely shape a valyan sword, while a red iron would still take a lot longer, but be more reasonable.

I think it should just barely shape it, but it would definitely wear out the stone hammer way faster than it normally would.

No I understand, it is about making specialization mean something where a master blacksmith could make a high quality tool/weapon in reasonable time, and other players without the skill would take much longer and get a much weaker tool/weapon so that there is more of an economic reliance on other players.

I think the problem here is that blacksmithing has become the go to past time so there isn’t really a market to sell smithed stuff, it’s not that crafting is set up bad, it’s just that everyone likes doing it, you could say the same about mining and woodcutting since anyone can go out and chop trees and mostly anyone can mine, but at least in the case of woodcutting, not too many people really want to do it, so they would prefer to just buy it, mining on the other hand is still profitable, even though a lot of people do it, is because there is always someone that needs a bit of ore right now and can’t just go on a whole mining trip.

To sum it up, crafting isn’t sell able since most people do it, it’s fun and people would rather make their own custom made item than something someone else made, not to mention the problem of how much those items take up in space.


Well yeah, everyone needs food and not many want to take the time to make it.

i knew what you meant about not making it like mining, was just saying that that would be simpler that the whole passive skills thing.
now as for the tier tools. what i think you’re trying to say is that the damage value per tier should be adjusted? or at least depending on what it’s being combined with (like rediron to valayan, compared to valayan to valayan)
like if lets say it took 50 swings with a rediron hammer to shape valayan, it should be adjusted to do less damage to valayan resulting in more swings (lets say 100 swings) taking more time and patience?
am i close?
because that’s my understanding and it would be a lot more of a simple fix which would help solve a good part of the issue without having as many restrictions.

also yes i agree it’s more fun to do blacksmithing, i’d say people like carpentry less, but it’s still fun to craft which is why more people do it. i didn’t mean “it wasn’t fun to do in anyway, so people will pay to have someone else do it instead”
sorry for the misunderstanding.

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like a rediron hammer would do 20 damage to a rediron sword, but do 5-10 damage to a valayan sword.
where normally rediron would do 20 damage regardles of what it was hitting
basically it would be scaled

This part, yes.

I wasn’t saying you were, I was just saying it doesn’t appeal to as many people, so there is a market for it, when we get more jobs we should see not a much saturation in the market since people will spread out into different jobs more.


I mean it wouldn’t really be any different than having different metals have exponentially more damage needed and hammers doing the same, but I think it’s just a simpler.