We need more one handed handles

This is mostly in regards to hammers. We only have three 1 handed wooden handles, and only 1 is practical (or even usable) for a hammer, and only for the small 3 ingot one (as the 5 ingot one is currently bugged on that handle). For that reason, almost every blacksmith or new player I see has the 5 or 8 ingot hammer on a 2 handed handle. This looks perfectly natural and like it would work well, if not for the penalty of 1 handing a 2 handed handle. I suggest making either the “1.5 Handed Wooden Handle” or “Double-Sided Medium Handle”, (as these are the most common handles I see players using for their hammers), have no penalty when one handing them, ideally only when they have a hammer head, but that might be impossible or cause confusion.