We need some sort of map for the mines

Honestly, I don’t know how op a map would be, or if it’s something the devs would even consider. But in my option some sort of map for the mines would help a ton. It doesn’t even have to show your character on it but just to have direction in any way would amazing. Something we can even do is make a notebook or something that the players can make a makeshift map. Anyways all love I’m enjoying the game as is, keep it up devs…

Heya! I thought of the same thing , I even seen people mark the caves at the top edges of the wall with lighted arrows that lead you back. I don’t think a map would work because I think the layout of the cave is always randomly changing every week or something?


I know absolutely nothing about developing or coding, but from what I heard making a map would be just about as easy as generating a cave.

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The mines are really not hard to traverse and make your way out of if you’re prepared. There are televators every 10 levels that you can repair to teleport home with and teleport potions are very common down there. Plus if you make a spotlight its easy to find your way in there.


The layout does not change, unless the server host uses an admin command to refresh the mines, which is necessary for more ore, particularly in the upper levels that empty pretty quickly.

I’d be for some very generic maps in the first… 20-40 layers. Past that should be hard to navigate because that’s like 100s if not 1000s of feet underground. So no maps or they’re damaged, missing, cave-ins, etc.