Weather (eg. Rain, Lightning, etc.)

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I think that this would be very nice, as long as it doesn’t cause a lot of lag. Judging by how it’s on the roadmap, I’m sure that most of the lag issues will be fixed by the time that this is implemented.

What I would find cool is the more unique weather, rain can be cool, but having a chance for a layer of fog in the morning, something like the northern lights (would only be in one area some times) (also it’s space weather, but weather none the less), cloudy with no rain and dust storm/sand storm in their respective areas.

There could also be rare negative effecting weather like flooding that makes some of the low lands hard to move around in, other places inaccessible, maybe even floods, but ti’s important that these are rare enough that the players don’t just get annoyed at it. Also wild fires could block off areas, but they either need to be strictly a random event, or the forest is very rarely dry enough to burn. It would be really funny to see some mages working as fire firefighters.

Maybe rainbows?

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Lol we need dust storms in the dustbowl