Weekly Boss idea

A way for people like me who enjoy the fighting of VR games but don’t enjoy pvp.

Core concept
The idea would be that the town “is in great danger” and john wick needs your help… oh wait wrong game but lets say that the boss were going to take down the blacksmith so you had to kill the boss before they could reach but if they did reach it would take a lot of resources that you may not have on you or on anyone and the boss would drop loot but it would be even and everyone would get the same thing (i don’t like luck) or maybe your level or hp decides what you get.

Personal twist (optional)
some personal things that I would think would be a great idea is some boss only items that you get so if you defeat the boss they drop a special resource and there could be multiple stages of bosses for the newer players where the boss is easier for them to handle but then on the other side of the map theirs the big boss for whoever wants to take part in it. Another cool idea would be a new skill tree and if you kill a certain type of boss you get a new skill which can be for any of the categories that we already have or maybe because you defeated him theres a thing like minecraft has “hero of the village” kind of thing where the things are cheaper like how when you smelt 3 ores into a bar well instead somehow someway you can do it for 2 and thats about it. (this is my first post so sorry if its not well written I also really hate periods so pls dont hate me)

Sounds a lot like this other thread on bosses: A concept for bosses


Sounds like a mixture of that boss idea and this raid idea. Could use some improvement overall but personally I would prefer bosses to not interfere with town (imagine if everything was destroyed when you first logged into the server). The town being destroyed would ruin the game since it would render crafting things impossible. I would rather bosses stay in a dungeon or guard new areas that aren’t totally integral to playing the game.

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