Weight limit

Why don’t you give option to disable weight limit to private servers. Because its broken if you have 50 iron ingots you would be slow iron which is mostly useless. Like what if you want to got in mine and get buch of ore you wouldn’t be able to because of the weight limit you get like 100 ores and you can’t move anymore you have to teleport out. Devs you say you haven’t seen anyone who hates the system, but have you seen any single person that likes it. Why couldnt you just use 30 stack size and that is all. I already said there was no problem with speed there was a problem with hording and if you have stack limit of 30 its impposible to hoard anymore problem solved why do you have to limit the teleport speed. To stop hording problem what kind connection there is between a hoarding problem and speed. If you just put every item has a limit of 30 or 20 then there is no hoarding problem anymore where people have stacks of 3000.