What does hoarding even mean. isnt it a stack of 3000-10000 per one stack

Why are the devs not allowing to have one full bag of items. Does it count as hoarding if you have limited inventory of 30. And have like 100 ingots in inventory in 4 stacks. I should have access to my inventory and not get a debuff for that. If you have like 20 slots and you put 600 ingots of any kind in those 20 slots does it count as hoarding. What does hoarding even mean in this case. The hoarding was called when someone had a stack of like 10000-3000 items per stack and then full inventory of 3000-10000 stacks. Does max of 600 items counts as hoarding full inventory of 30 stacks. Does 100 dynamite count as hoarding that you can have only 100. Does like 5-6 tools count as hoarding cant i have 5-6 tools in my inventory. Devs answer me what does hoarding mean for you. For me and other people it was people with 3000-10000k stacks of items. Does mearly 100 ingots count as hoarding that are placed in 4 slots before when it was hoarding it was 2000 valyan a rarest metal in one slot that is hoarding.

Your a bit too aggressive with this post but I agree a lot.