Wheat Farming and Baking

This idea was created by @RollerGalaxy on the discord

When farming comes out, there could be a new crop: wheat. First, harvest wheat with a sickle. Next, take it to the mill. A big windmill at the edges of the town would also be a nice addition to the scenery. You use the mill to grind the wheat into grain. Then get a bucket, fill it with water, and throw in the grain. Then let it sit for a while, and it’ll turn into a bucket of dough (5 pieces). There are 2 things you could do. The first is bake bread. With sandstone and copper, you can add a stone oven to the tavern. You place the dough inside, light the fuel source underneath, and begin to bake. Once the bread is done, you simply remove it and enjoy! The next thing is a pie. You can make a pie tin at the blacksmiths (no hammering needed) and put a dough ball into it. Then add 4 ingredients. You can make blueberry pie, apple pie, chicken pot pie, any pie! Then, like before, throw into the oven and bake until completed.

Gave this guy permission to post it, also I didn’t see someone else made something about pies. Great idea as well, can’t believe someone else thought of an oven.


Slice cooked Spriggul for sandwiches, boil and crush berries for jam, my man the sky’s the limit, love this idea

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