When creating server, final step when reviewing info says failed to make server

When trying to host a game, after filling in both boxes, and setting the privacy to what I desire, the page that allows you to review what you’ve picked refuses to allow me further, giving an error telling me to try again. No combination of restarting, reinstalling, or resetting has solved this for me!

12:35 AM EST
Discord Username:
Overpriced Self-Starting e-Grill#1138

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.
I don’t know how to pull these unfortunately, I’m technically challenged, getting here was hard was enough.

Is there any chance you have some unusual characters in your server name or description?
If so, could you try again with just A-Z characters.

If you still have issues, could you let us know your in game username? It would help with tracking down any errors on our servers.