When teleporting out of the mines, get stuck in the void

I was in the mines, and i finnaly got everything i needed, i then used a telportation potion to get out, but then when i looked around, it was completly black,
Reproduction Steps:
it just randomly happened
A Pre-Alpha Tale (US)
Dicord Username:

A friend had the same issue. He was in a spot where he could see the whole cave structure. Had to console command him out of there.

You end up in the void. Relog and you should be fine again

Confirmed. This is happening in private servers, as well as legacy servers. Relogging fixes as @MarvelousGenki has mentioned.

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This had just happend to me on the quest version dont know how to get out as relogging dosnt work i cant even spark my torch

Sounds like your only solution is have an admin…

You should check to see if your server has any means of communication like discord or a website, they’re usually listed in the description. If not, then it sadly appears you are out of luck, until someone ELSE volunteers to join the server and communicate with admins FOR you.