Why the cripple values will kill PvP

Basically, on PvP, there are gonna be a lot of fights that are nonconsensual for both sides. This new update to cripple values means anyone can escape any fight by just teleporting because the current desync makes it impossible to hit someone teleporting or running away.

So how can this be fixed?

Well, firstly, desync needs to be fixed asap. It’s destroying PvP right now, as we can’t hit people teleporting away or running away. It’s the most important change that needs doing.

Secondly, although cripples needed to be nerfed, they should not have been removed. I think the way to do it would be having cripples only reduce speed by 20-30%, and most importantly, remove teleportation in PvP. Teleportation is just too difficult to work around for PvP and should be removed.

Remove teleportation in PvP (urgent).
Fix desync (urgent).
Make cripple only 20-30% (urgent if teleportation is removed).

You can’t just remove teleportation even if it does harm pvp, people who get vr nausea need it. You can’t say “oh, people who get vr sickness just wont do pvp”, that’s unfair. Also, the idea of removing teleportation in pvp has already been brought up in this idea. I don’t do lots of pvp so I can’t say much about the cripple values.

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This. As much as I’m for purging the weak, we can’t just remove teleportation unless we have some data on how many people actually need it and if people just get over it with enough playtime (like if there is anyone that can’t build up a resistance). If it does turn out that barely anyone needs it and the people that do just need to build up a resistance it would be good to know so that we don’t have to work around it for every mechanic that might induce it.

But as the post Zeb linked mentioned, one thing that could be done is making it so teleporting isn’t faster than normal smooth locomotion.

Also the video doesn’t really show us the desync problem when you don’t even try to hit the other person.

Devs have mentioned having other players being able to see where a player is going to teleport and if we also have teleporting not go faster than normal locomotion then we can see if “Teleportation is just too difficult to work around for PvP”

That post also mentioned shortening the teleportation distance (Joel did, specifically), I think this is the perfect approach.

That was what I was saying when I said

Since both lowering the distance or delay would do that.

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I have not met a single person who uses teleportation because of motion sickness. Even in PvP, teleporting only would be a massive disadvantage, the issue is the combination of locomotion and teleport is way too op. It needs to be removed in PvP, and the 1 in a million people who get sick need to build a tolerance, because you can’t drag the rest down because of it.

Just because you haven’t met someone who gets VR sickness does not mean they don’t exist, that’s a bit ignorant.

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They do exist. But are very rare. We shouldn’t cripple 99% of the players to accomodate 1%

As @Zebulaun said, anecdotal evidence isn’t enough to say that only 1% use it, and I highly doubt you asked every single person that uses teleportion locomotion if they do so because of motion sickness.

I’ll go making a few polls (one that only website members can vote on and a basic strawpoll) and get an idea of how many players have motion sickness and how many don’t and even then it won’t give us the largest sample size, but its a lot better than eyeballing it from one personal account that is very bias in favor of removing it.

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The overall goal is to reach a stage where different weapons have different feels and uses. Ideally all weapons are somewhat viable in PvP, but potentially for different uses.

With such a high damage, swords are definitely fantastic if you want to be able to win a fight, where neither party wants to run away, but they’re (evidently) not great currently for chasing down an opponent.

I’d be curious to see how someone who wields a large hammer, would fare in chasing and killing a fleeing opponent.


That’s true. But this would make swords nice duel weapons, but unviable in a pvp scenario.

Not all PvP has someone fleeing, but it might be weird for swords to just not work for a lot of PvP senarios, in total swords might not be viable as a main in PvP if it stays like this, it might suck to not be able to use swords as a PvP main though.