Wizard Enemy

So basically there’s a Wizard that can spawn any enemy in the game based off the color of their robe and based off the damage and health of the enemy. Green Robe Wizard: Spawns low Health and damage enemies. Blue Robe Wizard: Spawns medium Health and damage enemies. Purple Robe Wizard: Spawns High Health and damage enemies. Rainbow Robe Wizard: Spawns any enemies no matter what. Tell me what you think of the wizard enemies in the game.

Based off of the current plans on Trello, I’d bet that magic enemies will be rare and more beast than man, if any at all. In an older post regarding new enemies, I cataloged all the suggested enemy types specifically on the Trello card for new enemies. Here is that list:

Dragons, Wyrms, Leviathans, flying fish or airborne-jellyfish… golem constructs, ogres, drakes, serpents, slimes, guardians, ghost guardians…
small mobs: maybe like wraiths and…

But it could be a while

One of the big features planned for after the version merge between Quest + PC will be weapon wielding enemies, though there isn’t much clarification on what or how. Could be bandits and rogues, could be lizard people with rusty swords.

Magic is planned for VERY late future, presumably some 2 years from now given dev team size and scope of project. So we would need in game magic first to warrant magic enemies.

I like the idea of a summoner / commander type boss, particularly with dungeons.

I’m not so sure there’s really a need for the varying levels of mage though, because who is going to fight the low level mage? A new player would still get overwhelmed, and a veteran would find it too easy.

Perhaps a single mage enemy could be able to summon 5x sprigguls /OR/ 2x wyrms /OR/ 1 adult turabada of a random type, every 30-60 seconds depending on summon strength.

But it’s not just enough for an idea to be fun.

There are other critical elements important to the devs and the overall game:
  1. Lore: how does it fit in with the game? If there are mages, are they the ones making teleport potions? Why isn’t it guarded if so? Who was the first mage? Can mages only summon? Etc
  2. Reward: why should people fight the mage at all? If they can just run away to avoid the trouble, and they don’t need summon drops, what does the mage provide the players with to warrant the needed effort?
  3. Challenge: how balanced is the idea? Can an inexperienced player figure out how to beat the mage without getting frustrated by 100 deaths? Is a certain strategy or weapon needed? How much health does the mage have? Do the summons have buffs? Etc
  4. Fun: is the enemy fun to fight? The spriggul is an annoying chicken that flies at you, wyrms/gotera offer ranged attack variety, turabada can be baited to kill wyrms and then kamikaze with free ore.

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