Woodcutter and ore backpacks need some tweaking

These backpacks are hard to justify using most of the time. especially the woodcutter pack. They both need to have at least one attachment point to offer a little bit of customization to fit varying circumstances. The weight reduction is nice but i dont really think it makes up for how niche these packs are.

Woodcutter Pack
One slot is not enough for this bag, even if it does hold 500 wood at 50% of the weight. If i need 500 wood im going to use a regular bag i might be slow coming back but I can use attachments to have it hold my tools and even more wood. If its just regular wood im after the woodcutting areas near town are close enough that i dont need that 50% reduction. what i need is a bag that can hold logs AND sticks, which the woodcutter bag cannot do with its one slot oddly enough. If im going to the forest the weight reduction means more. but if im going to the forest i intend to get a variety of wood. Im also going to need other gear. the woodcutter pack fails here as well. Id say at the very least the one slot needs to be split into 4 and allow for those slots to carry all types of logs and sticks and maybe even arrow shafts since those are the three things that the woodcutter gathering skill can scoop up. additionally i would like to see a single attachment point so i have the option to add more wood slots, or anything else the attachments offer. I think it would also be good to add a second, fixed tool hook that cannot be switched out for carrying an axe. That way i can take my woodcutter pack with its axe and its whatever added pocket and hang it on a hook in the carpenter workshop for someone to quickly grab for wood runs when needed.

Mining Pack
The mining pack is mostly ok. 4 slots with weight reduction is pretty good. But, like the woodcutter pack, it lacks the ability to be customized in any way. A single attachment point, and a fixed tool hook would make it the mining equivalent to the aforementioned woodcutter pack suggestion.

In Summary

  • Split woodcutter pack slot into 4 slots and allow all log and stick types (and maybe arrow shafts)
  • add single attachment point to woodcutter pack.
  • add fixed tool hook to woodcutter pack
  • add single attachment point to mining pack.
  • add fixed tool hook to mining pack.

The woodcutter bag got 2 side attachments and the miners bag got 3 side attachments (but for some reason the miners bag can’t have the lantern holder, don’t know if this is a bug or not).
Also there are 5 types of wood, not 4 and if i remember correct the woodcutter bag/sidebag can hold arrow shafts.

I do need to add, attaching a side bag can be buggy, so it seems you can’t attach it while you can.

awesome. thanks for the update. i guess i havent checked this as recently as i thought. I still think the woodcutter bag should at least be split into two docks but with the addition of side pouch attachments id say this is good enough.

“I do need to add, attaching a side bag can be buggy, so it seems you can’t attach it while you can.”

sorry, whats buggy here? Im not following.

Just attaching a side bag can be buggy (it not want to connect to the bag).