Wooden Bow vs Metal Bow

Allow the wooden Bow to be sheathed on left or right hip bubble. Currently I only see people using the metal bow due to it having attachment slots.

Since the wooden bow is made of wood it would be lighter than the metal bow. Assuming this is true, to add some diversity between the bows, allow the wooden bow to be hip sheathed.

This would make it so you would see people using bow weapons depending on what they are looking for in their weapon/class. Personally I would switch to using a hip sheathed bow just so people can identify that I’m an archer more quickly without me having to draw my bow from my backpack.

Also considering that the wooden Bow has durability and breaks this would just make it so it will see more use even with it’s downsides.

IIRC both have durability, and both of those durability are the same.

Hmm I’ve heard that metal doesn’t break but the attachments can? Even so the metal bow can have attachments and the wooden Bow cannot. That alone would make it enough for wooden Bow to be side bubble sheathable imo.

Metal bow body can eventually break too after use in melee (so I’ve heard).
Having the wooden bow side-sheathable would be lovely. Maybe also, as the metal bow can have forged attachments to give it melee use, maybe the wooden bow should have attachment points but only for aesthetic items. Crystals, feathers and bones, etc. Giving archers a lot more potential visual variety, and as you said; give the wooden bow a LOT more reason to be used and loved.