World Area: The Beach

**Core Concept

An idea for a world area that has sandy beaches, small scattered islands with ruins/structures including a new underwater type enemy (this could be a large piranha fish) and a new type of tree, a Coconut Tree. Sandstone can be mined here.

Along the beach various items can be collected. Crates (that get washed up, similar to other crates) can be broken down and will respawn after some time.

A Boat that is docked near the beach that can be climbed up onto so players can loot Chests and other crates (empty area similar to the camps).

Players can also find spots to dig up items and crates.

•Empty Glass bottle.

Exclusive Items:
•Spear heads.
•Spear handles.
•Saw Blade.
•Fishing Hook (to craft a Fishing Rod for fishing update).
•Spy Glass

**Summary of Crafting and other features

Players can find and use a new type of Saw Blade that can be attached to long handles.

Coconuts must be cut down from the tree with a Spear or other weapon that is long enough to reach.

Players can cut Coconuts into pieces, the player can cut an individual piece into Coconut Fiber, a rare item for crafting.

Players can eat the Coconut pieces.

Players can find the following assembly deck crafting recipes:
•Coconut Gourd (requires 1 whole Coconut, 4 Coconut pieces and 8 Coconut Fibers, players will need to hammer nails to finish recipe). Can hold three servings of liquid.
•Fishing Rod (if Fishing update is available, 8 Sticks, Fishing Hook and Dried Grass).
•Coconut Basket (requires 8 Sticks, 8 Coconut Fibers and 1 Leather Strap). This item is a hand basket that has 4 slots and reduces weight by -75%.

(Shoutout to u/badbananas1 on reddit for ideas, Saw Blade to cut down Coconuts, a Basket item)

**Unique Gameplay Aspect

A Shipwrecked Boat that can be explored, a type of challenge or puzzle can be completed to unlock a breathing/swimming feature.

Edit: added more text to expand upon initial ideas

I personally love this idea


Thanks! I think Bamboo would also make a great addition, players could gather a lot, take it to the carpentry and make Bamboo handles. Maybe Bamboo reduces the weight of the weapon as the benefit. Crocodiles of some sort would also fit as a new type of enemy for this area.


Maybe bamboo could be a replacement for sticks and/or logs, and maybe turned into stakes easier


bamboo blow gun

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Adding onto jgdesigns’ wildlife/mob ideas, a few thoughts of my own:

  • crocodile/alligators sounds a bit too intense for VR if they attack in their true nature: death rolls and throttling. They would shake the player around violently, which would be pretty jarring, not to mention their low-body-profile making them harder to attack.
  • tropical spriggul- looks like a parrot, speaks gibberish?
  • giant clam- wyrms wouldn’t like the beach, but players shouldn’t get comfy about that. Clams can dig up through the ground, and have a similar attack profile to wyrms.
  • octopus- rapid multi-attack
  • electric eel- zap AOE
  • crab / hermit crab- could have ore/bone/sandstone variants like turabadas

I’m also curious what @jgdesigns intended for the unique spear components, since there was no further clarification on the subject. I imagine a trident to stay with the nautical/fishing theme, and some variants for spear-fishing if using a rod is too tame for some. It would also be nice to have nets and possibly rope-arrows to bow-fish. I think lots of players would enjoy bow fishing, even with lost ammo from missed shots.

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Hat’s off to you lad. We should be able to swim then.

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I’d like the idea if they copied the players speech and repeats it back at the player, like parrots, but maybe randomly a random pitch or effects applied to speech to make it feel more fantasy then reality.

Though actually, it speaking gibberish feels more in line to the fantasy aspect then that, I may be wrong on my idea.

And for this, I think it’d be boring to have it copy the wyrms attack pattern rather then having its own unique mechanics, so instead of that. Giant clams will use their tongues to grab the player slowly pulling them in, and if they don’t slice the tongue they’ll take damage once they get pulled in, then spit out, possibly doing poison damage like the wyrms too.

The clams could drop pearls too, which can be put into weapons to be infused with magic, but when the pearl breaks it loses the magic properties, and could also break instantly or lose significant durability when directly hit, and loses durability over time of use. The pearl could also have its magic energy explode on the player causing damage when broken (maybe only happening when struck to break). The pearl could also just be a catalyst for magic, needing external things like mana to charge, and could be refilled rather then breaking when running out.

I quite like the octopus and eel.

And I think the crab could drop their claw, to be used for a sort of hook shot. And then crab meat for cooking too.

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Either add a new glass bottle variant that has the same capacity as a gourd (or +1 so 3 cause of the fragility, giving it value VS gourds still.) OR allow the currently existing bottle to contain pages, cause maps/note in a bottle?

It would of course be rarer, and limited to just this locale.

I’d like this, going off of your idea. You could send notes to friends or leave notes in the waters for other people to find, possibly containing X marks the spot maps created by someone with loot they buried, or just some random shit someone wrote down.

These could also work well as beer bottles, if they ever add alcohol to the game, people could act like they are with some poison stew too.

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Also I’d like some sea shells, with no other purpose but to have that sea sound when you put it up to your ear.

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