World bosses

"In the large open area, near the abandoned camps, something has awakened…

Every now and then a random Giant spawns, some are aggressive and some off them are passive.

It will take up to 8 players to even consider tackling this beast but the rewards will be great indeed! "

Ok so in my mind the Giants would be slow moving, and maybe even elemental, so the wood Giant would drop a ton of wood ( giving the lumberjacks a bit of respite) when killed plus a chance to drop a rare blueprint, maybe something carpentry related? The mob would be suseptable to fire and maybe even needs to be set on fire every now and then to open a window where it can take any type of damage.

The Stone Giant drops a ton of ore, but needs explosives to open it up to damage, exploiting it’s weakness same as fore with the wood Giant. This too drops a rare blueprint maybe even a chance to drop a super rare giant specific weapon, fashioned in a similar way to the style of the monster.

I could go on about different types of giant, but you get the idea, maybe you could suggest a few in the comments down below?

Mob aggro, ok so sheild users would be able to take the aggro, so hopefully they will need good gear! This is a whole town effort, and a great opportunity for us all to work together, a co ordinated attack will work best! Maybe even class specific skills all have Thier part to play in this battle, even the miners sonar move can work as a debuff for a sonic attack!!

Hopefully there will be a way of healing other players, maybe a healing class, that throws potions with an Aoe, or be buffed by a specially crafted staff, but I digress for that deserves a thread of its own. Or maybe there would be another way for everyone to heal, or get back into the action quickly, maybe a teleport totem that’s temporary and specific to the fight, that despawns after the giants demise.

Anyway, I love this game and it has achieved so much already, but it’s potential is just mind blowing, ok so you have our attention Alta, can’t wait to see where you take us!