A clock/wristwatch that displays the real-life time.

Core concept
The ability to see the real life time, in-game, without having to exit to an external menu.

I’m sure many of you have busy lives as well, and every now and again, you’d like to sneak in a few minutes, or an hour of Township in between your other important things. But sometimes, once you’re in, well… you’re in. The concept of time outside of the night-day cycle of the game disappears and suddenly it’s the year 2037 and the apocalypse has occurred and you didn’t even get to bear witness. So a simple wristwatch, but, as mentioned next, more like a tattoo that shows you the real life time.

Personal twist
I was thinking that it could look a bit like a tattoo on the wrist below the health and hunger bars. I’ll attach a (crappy and super rough) sketch of what I mean.

I like this idea, would be really helpful. Although oculus allows you to have a watch on your arm, all you gotta do is enable it and pin it to your arm then you can see it no matter what game your in