Wyrms take your stuff

Something to add stakes to fighting is for wyrms to take your stuff to their nest, the nest functions as a dungeon and you have to fight your way through many wyrms and then battle their queen. The queen wyrm is a decently difficult boss that will need a decently kitted group or a very kitted duo or maybe even individual. Once defeated, the chamber the queen was guarding will open, there you’ll find all the stuff of the people the wyrms stole from as well as a large cache of food. To keep new players from having their stuff stolen and never getting it back, the wyrms in the mines would not steal stuff. Wyrms will spawn in crop fields once farming is added and they will pick the produce being grown and take it back to their nest. When farmers try to kill the wyrms and die from lack of gear, they will hire warriors to snuff out the wyrms, adding more of that economy type stuff where your job matters. Perhaps feeding the wyrms by dropping food outside their nests will slightly decrease the amount of wyrms that appear on the surface. It’s like the townies are being leeched off by these wyrms and a brave warrior party will venture into the nest to stop the onslaught.

Edit: Getting wyrms out of crop fields would be good guild quests, so would defeating the nest.

You almost got me with saying ““they’d steal your stuff when you die”” and ““you need good stuff to get that stuff back.”” but then you said it wouldn’t do that for people in the mines.

I think that is a bit weird to have them not just take stuff from people in the mines since they are the ones that need to be fighting the queen wyrm. Maybe if the wyrms had a preffernce of what they take? Like food would always be taken, glowing things are more likely to be taken same with liquids in bottles and then weapons (and armor if that becomes something that drops on death) would be very rare for them to take, so you can still get your weapons you might need to beat the queen with, but it doesn’t just ignore loot inside the mines.

I find it so funny to think of wyrms just picking crops and then stealing those crops back for free labor.

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You’re right, I forgot how little wyrms spawn on the surface and now that I think about it wyrms would definitely need to do that in the mines. I was thinking about adding some preferences but didn’t. I think what you said is great, food and shiny things and maybe backpacks and light sources in between liquids and weapons since they could be mistaken for a large chunk of cooked meat or something, weapons with shiny crystals would be just as likely as crystals to be taken. Wouldn’t it be funny for a wyrm to take a lit piece of dynamite?

I think they would need to take stuff out of the backpack, or their are unfairly taking a lot of stuff like weapons with it.

@Edit True, maybe weapons and metal things are “too heavy” and get “dropped” out of the pack.

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Ah that would be a good way to keep the weapons from being taken, but also keeping the items in backpacks which helps keep it easier for people to see who’s stuff is who’s and reduce lag from large piles of stuff.

The idea for backpack tags as well as various engraving ideas allow for people to see the name of stuff’s owners if implemented. As for lag, I have no defense, but the optimizations are helping and having weapons lying on the ground will likely cause little to no server lag in the foreseeable future.

I was saying that idea was good since it would keep the items in the backpacks and that would reduce the lag.

Oh ok lol. I thought you were saying that keeping the items in the bags would help find the owner

If we want to talk about protect new players items, I think we can just set it as wyrms only started to take items deeper than 20th floor, or we can also do as they only do it in crystal floors something like that.
But I personally prefer if they just take a few random items as a “collection hobby” instead a whole lot every time, and by that, if once your weapons are taken, it is just considered as a bad luck day. And you can still revenge and get your weapons back by gather some skilled folks to help you.

I could see them prioritizing food and and then just having a chance of taking other stuff that is shiny or glowy and having them have a weight limit of what they can take too, but I don’t like the idea of them just randomly choosing that floor X is when they want to take items or the same with crystal floors, maybe just a reduced amount of stuff taken the higher up you are since the lower down the easier it is to take more items back to the nest for them?

Oh, I did not mean they should choose random floor, I meant they only start the item taking behavior after certain floor so the new players those at 3rd floor just want to get some copper won’t feel this game is a dark soul.
And by random, I did not mean only take items occasionally, I meant they do take every time upon player’s death, but only a few items every time, not your entire equipment set as a whole including your gears bag and everything in it.

I said randomly in the sense that it would be out of place or random for the wyrms to suddenly start taking items after a certain predetermined floor

I do think these players should still learn that they lose (even a small portion) of their stuff when they die to them we don’t want them to think it’s dark souls game in how every death is so painful, but we do want to have that consistency that dark souls has where the game doesn’t, seem to, tell you “fr*k you they take items now.”

This is what I was agreeing on, besides food (these things are monsters/beasts after all) they wouldn’t take much of other stuff like that, not having a blanket random chance to take the backpack or not.