YET. ANOTHER. Suggestion for magic. (give it a chance!)

Taking some feedback on board such as people not wanting to draw spell symbols, or do silly hand gestures. And knowing the devs don’t want to go with a conventional method of mana, here’s what I’m suggesting:

Core concept
1-No spellbook or drawing. Instead. POTIONS. Brew your spells in the form of potions at an alchemy table. Chop, dice, grind your ingredients and plop them in the pot to make magical potions. Ingredients include such items as: Bones. Feathers. Wyrm scales. Ores. Crystals. Apple cores. Schmeechees (sorry). And all other normal food ingredients. Some items have potent magical essence within, and some have weak/mundane essence, but all have some use and this also gives a purpose to current “trash” items. But obviously, must contain SOME specifically magical catalyst ingredients, or it’d just be soup!

2-Same as in soup cooking. A brewed potion in a cauldron contains 3 “servings” to fill your bottle/other containers from. Potion bottles stack as high as any other item, so if you want to be a well-armed and well-prepared mage, then go for it!

3-Potions are strange concoctions. Probably best not to just down one without a way to release or contain the twisting energies within, or you might feel very sick. (Some visual blurring plus a bit of artificial sway and movement to induce VR nausea)

4-…So HOW do you use the potions, I hear you cry. Well first, find yourself a couple of magical crystal chunks and bash them together like you would with flints to light a fire. Blue sparks? hmm! …and a blue flame too! THIS is your “mana pool”

5-Dip your “off”-hand (personal preference) into the flames of the mana-pool. Watch as the flames dance through your fingers and seem to reach toward you. oooo mesmerising and spooky :smiley: 5 seconds should be enough, and the flames will move completely from the fire to your hand.

6-Give it a moment or two, and the flames will be absorbed into your body, and a nice little glowy circle of runes will appear around your wrist. Now you have a mana source within you. Time to think about casting some spells, eh?

7-Filled with magical energies, you can now stomach a potion! Take your pick, and down the hatch with it!

8-Each potion drunk gives 5 - 15 spell charges, (Simple potions have more charges, while more unstable and powerful potions give fewer) and these manifest as orbs around your wrist, on your lil runic band thingy. Press “grab” to take one with your other hand, or hold “grab” to collect up to 5 at once in a BIG ol’ orb of potential :smiley:

9-Now. if you’ve got two empty hands, of course you can pass spell orbs from hand to hand. You can throw the spells around. Bigger handfuls of magic creating bigger AoE, greater single-target damage/heal/etc, longer-lasting DoT, or whatever else. Spell-dependant. Offensive or defensive, or whatever you’ve concocted.

10-If you’ve got a melee weapon, why not scoop up a big handful of magical something and apply it to your weapon (same method as dropping wood into a lantern) and go crazy with it :smiley: Example - A full handful of 5 charges would let you discharge 5 “on-hit” magical affects. Fire, ice, electric, heal, buff, de-buff, whatever.

11-If you’ve got a ranged weapon, same deal! Apply your chosen magical charge into the body of the bow and pick a target! The charge passes from the bow to the arrow when the arrowhead touches the belly of the bow (full draw).

12-If you want to be a more classic magic user, you’re catered for too! Build yourself a staff or wand Maybe bigger is beefier, smaller is faster … or maybe they both function exactly the same and it’s just down to what you think looks nicer! Now, with a melee weapon you’ll also do your normal melee damage as well the added spell, and likewise with a bow, so what’s the point of using a boring old stick? Well, a staff or wand can be built with added optional magical items (see drawing for very basic example) which increase spell potency by a tiny bit each (add a whole bunch = decent % bonus!) but ALSO, any staff or wand gives the caster gaze-based aiming. Giving you FAR greater accuracy and as much range as the most powerful bow!

-Various people have wanted magic to be fast and accessible - I think my new method allows this. But magic should not be EASY to get into or to just have naturally right from the start! If you want a good melee weapon it takes a long time to forge. If you want to be an archer you need to spend a long time collecting items and crafting every individual arrow. So to become a mage in the first instance should take equal or MORE preparation. Once you have all the required gear, then you can cast spells as fast and freely as your own hands allow!

-XP for magic doesn’t come easily. About as arduous as archery, at least. Slight boost to XP if using empty hands or a wand/staff, to offset the amount of XP that a “Spell-sword” or “Magic-archer” would be getting from their regular attacks at the same time.

-Your mana/spell band on your wrist lasts 1 in-game day. So you can get yourself “fired-up” and keep casting as long as your potion supply allows. - Spells are limited. Mana is not, but you must take the time to create and absorb it.
–Mana/spell band WILL dissipate early (before 1 day has elapsed) if no spell is cast for certain amount of time, but ONLY if you have no spell charges left within you. So keep yourself topped-up, or leave 1 “in the chamber” if you want to be ready to go at a moments’ notice.

TL:DR - Just look at the picture and interpret what you can :slight_smile: Love and appreciation to anyone who reads the whole thing!

I had to go through extensive training to be able to read before looking at the absolute beauty of a drawing… I love this idea, and i love everything about it. Not sure if what im about to say is exactly what you are going for (feel free to explain it to me), but i love the idea of having to have the correct potions on hand to be able to cast that element, just pop the potion quickly (maybe some sort of one hand opening technique could exist) and go. As an addon to your idea, what if we could have our mana flame in a lantern and on a torch, that way we can quickly activate it. It would not need any special fuel just the special crystals to light it. So it would function just like a normal lantern but with a blue glow and as your mana pool. :clap:


I feel like this would make the lines between enchanting, normal potions and casting very blured.

While I agree that beingable to use magic should be hard, I don’t think forcing players to take up a whole slot per spell is good, while an archer might have to make a ton of arrows, this would make mages have to do that with rarer items for more than one stack of them, not to mention a tool like wand or staff taking even more space.


Yep. I think you’ve got it! If you want a particular spell, you need to have made the potion for it! So if you’re gonna be a healer, you better make those potions. This gives all mages ALL of the spells to select from, but you have you class-build a little, as you can only cast what you can carry. - Or of course, you can just take a stack of 10k fire potions if you want, and be a pure pyromancer.

You can already open a bottle with one hand just by giving it a vigorous shake. Not sure if this works for gourds too. Probably not.

Mana in lanterns could work, so you can carry it around and have it handy, but when you “consume” it, it would go into your body and disappear from the lantern. So dunno if that’s a huge convenience in the long run? you’d still need to carry the crystal rocks to ignite it every time.
On a torch would not work. I’d say it would create a blue flame, but would be far too small for spell-casting. It needs the full fuel source of a minimal “proper” campfire to produce enough mana-flame to absorb.

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While that’s completely true, I don’t think that’s a new or unique problem. I’ve seen cooks with NOTHING but ingredients on them, and from experience I had to dump more than half my stuff to make room for archery components (feathers etc) when making arrows. The mage would just need to brew their potions in bulk (remember that one cauldron fills 3 bottles that could last you a full day each!) and take what they actually want to use, instead of having a literal library full of spells up their sleeve, with just a waggle of their hands.

-Edit - it’s a whole slot per spell … but they stack as high as you like, and you get multiple charges per bottle. That’s a LOT of scope for carrying a LOT of spells. All it does is restrict people from having a huge variety at once. You can chop and change whenever you decide.


@Edit Maybe instead of making potions similar to what we have, you make very specific potions with elemental crystals. You can make some, but find most. Fire crystal would be the gems on the backs of firebugs, you can either kill the firebug, or go to their nest and find nodes of them. Water crystals spawn in the water level of the caves (if there is one) and also can be found at the bottom of deep bodies of water (when swimming is added [assuming thats even a “when” thing]). Those are some examples, all crystals would be found in their select kind of area. Not sure how to address the enchant thing.


On the subject of inventory space, how about some hooks on the backpack or bottle slots that tie into your backpack idea?? That would be the mage’s backpack style.


-Glances over at previous Backpack add-on idea- … That could be perfect for a dedicated bag of magic potions, aaaand help resolve the issue of inventory space being over-filled.

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Oh maan, the satchel part for the bottom and bottle holders on the top. Also what if we could cut our crystal bits into select shapes to have in a little holder that hangs off our belts? Wouldn’t wanna waste a whole space for two bits to light with.

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Yeah. could be nice to have a little “firesteel” style thing. One with flint and one with crystal for different sparks.
I agree it does take up yet more space to carry those additionally, but I have a load of flint in my backpack literally just for campfire lighting anyway, so it wouldn’t be too crazy. If you’re a mage, you’d have fewer swords/bows taking up space anyway. And if you’re taking Spell-sword or Magic archer, effectively taking two classes at once, then I guess that’s a price you pay. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

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Nope, it effectively limits spells to be basic because if you are a healer/buffer, you are limted to the basic spells because there is no room for the more advanced ones, and you’d be forced to either spam lower level heals, waste high level heals on people that need some healing, or take both and use two slots for effectively one spell, there is also the fact that you’ll just have to settle for basic def and atk buffs instead of more unique ones. It kills the ablity to have spells that are fun but not so effective.

I’m working on a system for casting that should make it hard to cast good spells, but allows skill.

I’m not going to be busy, but all make another reply layer.


I do get what you’re saying, but I don’t think the issue is quite as dire. It’s all about trade-offs, as with any combination of inventory items. You’re forced to carry what you want/need and leave the more frivolous stuff for down-time when you can just mess around. You’d just have to separate the two instances. -You’d have space for any spell you choose to have space for. -shrug?-
If you wanted to give only a small heal (using this suggested method) you’d just use a single spell charge, if using melee or range. If using no weapon or staff/wand then you could collect up to x5 charges at once to give a greater heal.

All open for suggestion and debate and tweaking though :slight_smile: I’m interested to see your system too whenever you can post it!

While I obviously do like my own idea and have confidence that it could work, it was primarily all thought up on the foundations of what various people have previously and loudly expressed they do want and don’t want, so tried to cater to that. :heart:

(Edited point 9 on main post to try to address the question of weaker/stronger spells. Same applies to point 12 “classic mage” concept too.)

I like this! Really makes you work for it and appreciate it more!

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Not exactly on topic, but I wish my whole life had instructions that looked that amazing. Damn.